Monday, June 20, 2016

Clean Up Project

Sorry, this is another really lame title for my email. I am not really sure what to call the project we were given this week, but it cleaned up a lot of information for the ward. The new Stake Presidency really means business here, so they have assigned lots of projects and things are moving rapidly here. The bishops and branch presidents are having a hard time keeping up, so we got to help a little bit. Even though it was right at the last minute, we were asked to confirm the addresses for close to 30 less active members that have not been visited in a long time. And, we were asked to complete it in 2 days! So this weekend we took the car and drove all around Plzen with a list and coordinate grid on google maps that we created. I was pretty proud of it :) Along the way, we talked to lots of families and really enjoyed the work!  It was similar to the work we do most days. We had to complete it around the lessons that we already had planned, and we barely got it done before we had to be back home! But now we have confirmation that  the members do or do not live in these areas anymore. That will certainly clear the records and allow for more less active work in each of the wards and branches. Now we have a great list of people to visit in the upcoming weeks!  Just for an idea of how old this ward list is, one lady helped us to find out that one member had not lived in that house for 30 years!

Unfortunately, a lot of our investigators did not have time to meet with us this week so we do not have any more updates for them. It has felt like a slower week for us. This week we have our last zone conference with President McConkie and his family, and some other assignments to fulfill as zone leaders. Then the final week of the transfer is here.  The switch of presidents happens on the 28th, and then we have scheduled meet the new president interviews! Even though I am extremely sad that President and Sister McConkie will be going home, I am also excited for President and Sister Pohořelický. Crazy few weeks ahead of us! But lots of exciting times as well!

Sorry if this is short, time ran out really fast on me with emailing today. Have a great week! :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rain in Bohemia

Something about Bohemia, Western Part of the Czech Republic, is that it is known for its CRAZY storms. Like, I really mean crazy! It goes from perfectly sunny to completely cloudy and then it downpours.  I don't even know if cats and dogs can describe what this rain is like!  Then you reach in your bag realize you forgot your umbrella for the third time this week!  But, you contact anyway! Definitely got some strange looks, but those are when the miracles come, and ironically people are a lot more open to talk to you when they notice how serious you are! :)

In other news, President McConkie came to Plzen for his last interviews with us and it was just such a great experience with him! I, along with all the other missionaries, will miss him very much, but we are so excited for President Pohořelický who is coming in about 2 and a half weeks. Right towards the end of this transfer! As for our investigators, things are going well! Both David and Mira are progressing well in the gospel reading and praying, but both are struggling with Church. We are hoping to focus on that this upcoming week, so that they can see the blessings of church. 

For our zone, we have started doing weekly challenges in areas. We contemplate and pray about how the zone could improve. The challenges are definitely meant to stretch us. We have had some great success with it. In Prague, it is such a  challenge to find someone on the street and then commit them to baptism. But the missionaries have found 2 solid progressing investigators. It has been really fun thinking and planning with them, but more fun to see how awesome the missionaries in our zone are! They are really striving to accomplish the goals. We also had the opportunity to drive 6 hours roundtrip into České Budějovice and interview an amazing new family that is getting baptized next week!! It was so great to be back in CBud and see all the places I used to be and remember such great stories! 

It has been a great week overall, and I am excited for what this week has in store. We have some exchanges left to do for the transfer, and some more work with our awesome investigators. Things are wonderful here in the Czech Republic! 

My scripture for the week comes from Ephesians 1:10- 

For me, it has helped me understand how in these times the Lord's promises from the Bible to his people are being fulfilled. That all will come unto to Christ and be gathered in him. Remember to lift where you stand and help in this amazing work! Have an awesome week! Love you all!

Elder Belshe

Petr - One of a Kind

This is me, and Boruvka (Blueberry) ;)

Jesus Seminar

President McConkie is the best. For all of you other missionaries, I am sure your mission president is awesome, but...he just is the best :) This week we had Mission Leadership Council in Prague, and we ended with a Jesus Seminar. Which means with our mission president, his wife, and the 10 other missionaries in the council we sat all friday afternoon and talked about Jesus. It was awesome! :) Because it was President McConkie's last MLC he was obviously fired up and gave one of the most heartfelt testimonies I think I have ever heard. We studied and talked about the attributes of Christ in his leadership. I have much to learn..that is for sure! But it was a very spiritual meeting and we discussed the importance of using the scriptures, prayers, and personal experiences in helping others, including missionaries come unto Christ. I think it is one of my favorite memories of my mission thus far!

In other news, we had some miracles this week. We have one man that has been coming regularly to English class whose name is David, and after English class he came up to us and asked us if we had a minute to talk to him. I assumed it was an English question and was going to ask him if it could wait till next week, but then I just felt that we needed to talk to him now, so we did, and he told us that he has been searching for a while to find God. Those are musical words to hear for a we helped him :) He is doing really well, and has accepted a pretty fast baptism date for the 2nd of July. It will take lots of effort, but he can certainly make that date. We are excited for him! Then there is another man named Mira ,what an amazing man with an amazing story, he is also wanting baptism and is working towards the 9th of July as a baptism date! Our area has seen a lot of growth and a lot of amazing miracles. We are excited for what else the Lord has in store for us.

For my scripture this week, I want to share Mosiah 5:12-13:
12- I say unto you I would that ye should remember to retain the name written always on your hears, that ye are not found on the left hand of God, but that ye hear and know the voice by which ye are called, and also the name by which he shall call you.
13- For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart.

On my mission I have never felt so close to God! I have come to understand his voice, and what he wants from me in my life. I have served him, and in him I have found new life! Missionary work changes lives, and it has changed me! Christ is truly the rock of salvation! Have a great week! :)

Elder Belshe