Friday, October 2, 2015

Crazy Week

SO, weird week we are emailing on a Tuesday after we had a St. Wenceslas
Day yesterday where I think there may have been 8 people in the center of
town that morning. Czechs také their holidays super relaxed which I think
is awesome. Lots of places were closed, including all the tourist places we
could visit, and so after studies and cleaning and other prep day
activities, we made a movie to help promote General Conference in the
upcoming 2 weeks(it happens a week later here so that it can be translated
into Czech.)  Unfortunately, unlike other districts, we only have one tv
in our church building so we will be watching it in Czech rather than
English. (I won't understand vůbec, but that's ok :) The video took us most
of the day, but it turned out fantastic! We are using it during building
tours to promote our upcoming lecture. This Saturday we have a lecture
about Introduction to Mormonism as a combined member and missionary finding
activity. It happens once a transfer, and we made this video of the
highlights of last general conference! I am excited to see if it is able to
bring others to come and see it. I will make sure to mention how it goes
next week!

This week we had a training in Prague with the Mission President conducted
by the zone leaders, and in it we were able to learn about talking baptism
early and often with our investigators using baptismal calendars to give
them something they can use to remind them day to day what they need! It
was great! We practiced how to introduce baptism even in the first contact
with the people we meet on the street! President bore his testimony at the
end about the importance of loving the people, and it touched everyone in
the room. Such a great training! We get to have one every month, this time
it was small with just our zone, but normally it will be combined into two

As far as the work this week, we still haven't been able to maintain any
appointments with investigators or our potentials we find through the week,
but we also found 2 new families and a couple of new investigators this
week that are YSA age which is what this branch really needs to build and

My thought this week is about prayer: I was reading in preparation for a
lesson and found a favorite Scipture Mastery scirpture 2 Nep 32:8-9 in
reading that scripture I found something I hadn't caught before when I read
it. In verse 8 it reads that Satan wanted them not to pray, and tried to
convince them that they should not pray. I have thought about all the times
that I have felt unworthy or too tired or too busy to pray, and have
realized that it is Satan's tool to take away one of our most powerful ways of
revelation and peace. Never let Satan convince you that you are unworthy to
pray! We are always worthy to pray, and Heavenly Father always wants to
hear from us! No matter where we are! Pray always! And feel the peace and
love that comes from prayer! Thanks for all the prayers and letters of
support and concern!

Elder Belshe

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