Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Experiences

Visa work- 
1. Had two appointments this week, we FINALLY got our permanent residency cards and a couple senior couples got theirs (this is not the difficult ones)
2. The foreign police department is only scary if you let them scare you :)

District Leader:
I have been able to spend a lot of my time on this aspect this week thank goodness, due to the fact, that visa work went, pretty much smoothly, and is starting to slow down for the transfer. We had district conference and President Mendozza of the Seventy came and gave two challenges to us. One was to kneel and pray with a pen and paper of people we could share the gospel with, and the other was to have a BOM and have a prayer in our hearts that we will be prompted with whom we need to share the BOM and our testimony. So in efforts to captitalize on that I divided  the member list into 4 parts for each companionship, and commited them to talk to all the active members this transfer about the challenge and follow up in hopes to increase the number of referrals we get in this mission. Which is close to none. Also gave trainings this week on vision, and how including the branch vision will help us not only to baptize but build the kingdom of god. Finally, had an exchange with the elders in my district and taught them about bold commitments which is something they struggled with. It was good! I enjoy being bold with people :) 

Elder Cardon is awesome. I love him! He is doing super well. He loves contacting, he truly is my son (yes, in missions those you train are called your sons, fathers are trainers, grandparents are their trainers, and so forth..I want one Pday to create my mission family tree ;)) He has come to love getting to know lots of types of different people and seeing that one person at the end of the day that is interested after a long day of work. He is struggling a little bit with the language, but my hope is to help him understand that spiritual preparation also helps with the language. And with his diligent study his Czech will improve rapidly, and it already has. I have taken a bit of a different approach to 12 Week. I have taken the role of Amanda as an investigator, and Elder Cardon plans, studies, and teaches me like any other investigator one day, and the other day we do a training based on what we think we can do better. Fun stuff! Training has been my favorite part this transfer Id say!

Our Area:
Our area took a big hit this week unfortunately. In the last few weeks we have met lots of great people, but all of them other than Oldrich and Viktor and Vera have dropped that is 80% of our teaching pool gone. We had 7 people drop us this week. Ouch! However, it is more time to find other people that want to learn the gospel! :) I am excited because this week we have a lot more time for member visits, less actives, and other methods of contacting that we normally dont have. As for Oldrich, he is doing FANTASTIC! He is planning to get baptized in about 3 weeks! We would baptize him next week, he is SO ready, however, he is on a 2 week trip doing a service project of creating a science camp for a local school. Helping them understand the importance of modern day physics. At game nights on fridays, I get all nerd with him, pretty awesome! ;) Viktor and Vera have slowed down a little, they have met with us, but our unsure about the marriage, mostly Viktor. They want baptism, but not the marriage right now, unfortunately, the marriage must be done first. This week we will talk to them about a marriage, and we are considering fasting to help them realize it is important. Probably will! But that is about it for our area! Hopefully we can find those that are prepared to hear the gospel message! :)

As for other things, I ate most of the snacks, but you would be so proud to know that I have ate them in portions!! As to not eat everything and then be sad later(other than the oreos those were gone in 12 hours). Prague is beautiful, we decided to take a walk this week around, across Charles Bridge again, and took a view from the famous TV tower! I have some pictures! Such a beautiful place, I love it so much! We are in the best mission in the world, no offense to anyone else ;)

My scripture this week comes from Mosiah 4:9- Believe in God, believe that he is, believe that he has created all things both in heaven and in earth. Believe that he has all wisdom and power, both in heaven and earth, and believe that man cannot comprehend what god can comprehend. Not quoted word for word, but in studying it this week, that is what I memorized. Having a belief in God for me has always been so elementary, but as I have come to realize that his role in my life has realy developed my personality and moral system. As I have taught the gospel of his son, Jesus Christ, and seen how it has changed other people it has changed me as well. I believe in him, and know that he lives. That is my pure and and simple testimony that God lives. Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Belshe 

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