Monday, July 3, 2017

More Miracles, More Opposition

It has been a rollercoaster of a week for us, we started out with visa work for Elder Murley on Tuesday in Prague. The only reason I brought that up is because I ate a Subway sandwich" :D It has been a while since I have had an Italian BMT. But to the more important, and spiritual aspects of the week. 

Best Home Teaching Visit of all time. We went with Brother Tmej, he needed a companion, to go visit a less active who he is home teaching. We taught about the power of Christ and shared "Because of Him" video, but we then started talking to one of the people that his sister takes care of about his smoking in the house. We encouraged him to not smoke in the house, and he said "Alright, on one condition, you beat me in an arm wrestle"…now this guy is pretty big guy, but we figured if we did win, that he really would stop smoking inside of the house. So Brother Tmej starts to arm wrestle him, and it may have been the most intense arm wrestle I have ever seen. It ended in a draw, but because of how well Brother Tmej fared against him he agreed to try it for a week. 

We also had a meeting with a less active woman and her family. They are incredible, and have three kids that really are dedicated to the gospel. They have been coming weekly to the U-nites that we have been holding at the Martincovi, and have chosen a baptismal date for the 15th of July. They came a little late to church, but it was the second week in a row that they have made it. They are facing a little of bit of a trial with one son, that had recently been in an accident and had a surgery. The surgery went well, but the cut that he had, opened up again and he had to go back to the hospital. We are praying fervently for them that he will heal quickly. We are so excited for them, and are hoping that their baptism will be a catalyst for their family in coming regularly to church for now on. 

It has been overall a good week, even though we had one very solid investigating family drop this week due to some family opposition. I don’t want to go into detail about the situation, but it was very hard, and an even harder choice for this family to decide not to continue because of this opposition that they faced. 

The gospel is true, and it blesses lives! Have a great week!

Elder Belshe 

So these are pictures of me playing the cello on the town square! :D, Elder Murley and I and our evening chess games, and one of the greatest Czech delicacies...smažený sýr.(fried cheese)

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