Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week of Miracles

On the week of my birthday, the last week of the transfer, we hit a rough patch and had 3 of the 4 people that were on baptismal date drop; however, this transfer we have been blessed with many many miracles. 

Two weeks ago we found a lot of new investigators and in the last week we have seen the fruits of our labor come! We currently have again, 4 investigators on baptismal date, one of which is Zdeněk who is doing incredibly well, coming to church, and is still talking about how excited he is for baptism on the 5th of December. One of the people we found is an 18 year old named Adam who when we contacted initally didn't seem interested, but as we pursued he said that he has been looking to be baptized for a while and is excited that he found his way! An absolutely incredible miracle indeed! He is on date for the 19th of December! Then there is Ludmilla, who is a mother of 3 kids and takes care of 4 others who are her friend's kids, she is an amazing woman and works a lot! She has a lot of interest in the plan of salvation, and is on date for the 19th! Her son. Michal, is also meeting with us often, but we haven't met often enough to give him a baptismal date. Then there is Michal, he is a former investigator, who comes occassionaly to game night and plays the violin in the town orchestra! He is great, and we had an amazing spiritual lesson with him, with a bold baptismal commitment which in the past he was not ready for, and now he has accepted and is willing to work towards that date! We hope that he will continue to grow his desire! :) Finally, we met an awesome family named the Maskovi, who live in a city adjacent to Ceske Budejovice! They are amazing have 3 kids one girl who is 16, a boy who is 13, and a young boy who is 3. It was a really different, and fun experience teaching a family! They are quite amazing! They are Catholic, but don;t regularly attend, but they love the idea of the Book of Mormon and we are excited to see their progression! :) 

Lots of great miracles are happening here! We also had District (Stake) Conference in which President Chrdle, the man we run with, directed and gave an AMAZING talk about the importance of the law of chastity during the priesthood session (which I actually understood most of :D) and President McConkie is a very bold man, and he gave a really great talk about Joseph Smith and the evidences that he truly was a prophet of God! Overally an amazing conference and we had Zdenek and Ludmilla there with us!

Funny story from the week, for our Vylet, day trip, during Pday we went on a hike (organized by yours truly) was interesting to say the least. My english class had said that it was a "must see" place, so I decided to go. Little did I know that it was 22 km long, that is about 13 pretty sure my entire district hates me because in order to get our necessary work done for today we had to run, nearly all of exhausting. Lesson learned. NEVER let a greenie (I am still a greenie for one more week) decide your Vylet trip! :) It was still fun, even though we are all exhausted! It had an amazing view at the top, the mountain was called Kleť. I have a cool picture! :)

As for my scripture this week I chose: I Nep 17:50: It describes the faith necessary to produce miracles, even changing water into earth. I have thought about how I could apply that to myself as a missionary to have the faith necessary to produce miracles. As I have learned from President McConkie, Faith is a concept of action so go out and work, and that is what we did. As we have worked hard the miracles have come! I know it can come for all of us as we strive to live to the fullness of the commandments and look each day in how we can improve our faith! Thanks for all your emails and support! :)
Elder Belshe 

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