Saturday, July 9, 2016

Czech, Czech, and more Czech

It has been a fast few weeks for us here! Especially with the entrance of President Pohořelický and his wife, we have been going back and forth between Prague a lot as well. It was a great opening training that they gave, they introduced themselves, and answered questions. Then we had short interviews, and introduced our families. President Pohořelický is a great man! Incredibly humble and loving. I instantly felt it as we came in.  He feels on the same level as us. He is our friend and companion rather than a leader above us. Not that President McConkie was exercising unrighteous dominion, only that it really seems that he looks to us as much as we look to him. For the first training, he did it all in Czech, and Elder Breyman and I translated for the senior couples. That was an interesting experience too. We definitely did not get as much out of it as we would have without having to translate, but it was still an awesome experience. My Czech abilities are going to grow at rapid rates, and I am excited for that part!  I was definitely humbled this week by my abilities in Czech :)  But the senior couples and the greenie missionaries were able to understand well, so I will count it as a success. 

As for our area, it woke up again! Not by finding new individuals, but the old ones re-established contact. David reestablished contact with us this week. He has some questions he wants to go over, and the same goes for Mira, who called us and told us his truck driving kept him in Germany for almost 2 weeks. Then the Duchkoví family, ALL came to church! That was a miracle in and of itself!! That was the very first time that they have come together in over a year, normally just the wife or just the husband will come. Things are changing in a good way for them. Also, we have been working with the 1st counselor’s wife, who is not a member. She has been meeting with missionaries for several years, and she now also has asked for us to visit her again. Things are looking up, and miracles should be coming to Plzen! 

Sorry! I really dropped the ball and didn’t prepare a scripture for this week. I will repent and have one next week :)

Also sorry we had transfers, and Elder Breyman and I will stay together as zone leaders for another transfer. I am really excited! Much of the mission leadership has stayed together due to the entrance of the new mission president. Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Belshe 

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