Friday, July 15, 2016

Fishers of Men

We had such an awesome week this week, and things are getting really busy
in Plzen. It is good! We like busy schedules :) This week we have seen many
miracles in our area. One of them was one of the less actives that we are
working with whose name is Sarka, she is a great girl that was baptized
after missionaries 6 months ago did service for some investigators whose
house burned down. She has been really busy with work, but this week found
time in order to come to church and it was great. I think she had a great
experience, and she developed a great relationship with the bishops wife,
also the young womens preisdent. She ALSO earlier, a few weeks ago, invited
her friend to come to one of her lessons whose name is Dan. Dan is about
19, we think, and is planning to volunteer for the army. He is a nice kid,
and the first lesson with had he seemed completely uninterested, but after
some time found us in the park close to the church building and told us
that he has read in the Book of Mormon and wants to meet with us more. That
was a huge miracle!

Also, we had a great opportunity to spend some time visiting a lot of the
less actives of those which we discovered stil lived at their current
addresses and found 2 more individuals that wanted a return appointment!
Finally a man named Martin, who is a teacher of some other missionaries
investiagtors here in Plzen also called after 3 months of no contact and
wanted to meet after Elder Breyman contacted him several months ago. We had
a great first lesson with him, and built a good relationship of trust with
him. He would make a great member who could help translate for a lot of the
english speakers in the ward!

This week has been wonderful and I have been pondering a lot about a verse
in Matthew 4:19-20
19. And he saith unto them, Follow me and I will make you fishers of me.
20. And they *straightway *left their nets and followed him.

I have learned two specific things from these verses. One being that as a
missionary not only must we teach in order to meet peoples needs, but we
also have to speak their language, not just Czech, but teach to something
they understand such as Jesus did with these apostles, or fishermen.
Second, the amazing and dedicated faith of the apostles where they
straighway or immeadieatly left their nets in order to follow him. I have
started reading again the Gospels in order to study Jesus, from the
viewpoint of a missionary. My hope is that all of us can continue in as
much faith as the apostles had, straightway leaving our nets to serve the
Lord to the best that we can. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Belshe

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