Monday, August 1, 2016

Crazy Week!!!

So I have absolutely no time today which is a bummer because it has been a pretty successful week! I am trying to keep in touch with some of my recent converts and that takes some of my email time. Anyway, here are the weeks highlights:

1. David made it to church and is really looking good for a baptism if not this week, by the end of this transfer. 
2. BBQ and service was AWESOME! Very successful, and the Duchkovi afterwards felt some more love from the ward and made it to church the next day!
3. Unfortunately, a missionary had to go home due to some medical concerns and Elder Lovell, Elder Carlson’s companion, left to go be companions with that Elder. Therefore our area is now combined with Plzen Bory, the district leaders area. We have officially closed Slovany apartment for this last half of the transfer, and we will be a tri-companionship in Bory until the end of the transfer. This change equals DOUBLE THE WORK. We are excited, but also disappointed for a missionary having to go home in our zone. 

Here is an update on my converts:
1. Zdenek, opened up to talking about some doubts he was having, to Jara, his brother in law who is also the Prague ward mission leader.  Progress!
2. Ludmila and Michal, sustaining contact with the missionaries, and SHE HAD ANOTHER BOY!!! His name is Mikulas! I have not seen any pictures yet, but when I do I will let you know. Still no church for them.
3. Amanda, randomly lost contact for a month and a half. I think she is on vacation, but could use some prayers her way just in case. 
4. Olda, solid! Doing great in Brno, and is loving the YSA there and is doing super well. 
5. Toderas, or Alin, doing super well. Gave his first talk that we translated for if I forgot to mention. Passes the sacrament on a regular basis even though he barely even understands the English translations we give him. Stud! His wife is in New York still struggling with cancer, but we are still working to get contact with her. Language barrier is really, really, hard to overcome. Made contact with Romanian elders so we can teach over skype-
6. David...future recent convert :)

In Preach My Gospel there is a quote by President Hinckley that says "Our work is pointless without these converts staying and building their branches" The Lord has blessed me with many incredibly prepared people for baptism, but also knowing that each would have a specific trial after that I could help them with when we maintain contact. I feel such a responsibility for their souls, and I love them all very much.

Have an awesome week! Although I didn’t send a very long email, here are some pictures of the grilovani, BBQ, and service that we did at the Duchkovi, and us saying goodbye to Elder Lovell. Sorry most of them are action shots. Mom, I do not share your same skills to gather a group of people for a picture! :) I also included pictures from a morning run we do here in Plzen with the YSA.
Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Belshe 

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