Sunday, February 12, 2017

Office Projects and Olomouc

So, this week has been a little bit more focused on office work. We spent a lot of time working on translating, and adding subtitles to "Meet the Mormons" in Czech to help support missionaries in their finding efforts. It has been a little tedious, but also it’s finally done. We have been working together with the office elders on it! We also have been planning MLC for next week, and getting other things ready for the end of the transfer in a few weeks! 

The best part of our week was an exchange into Olomouc! This is the city that Elder Page was in for 9 months as a branch counselor and district leader. We got to visit and announce some changes that would be happening in the area including an opening of a nearby city called Prostejov. Also, the addition of a sisters' area which is going to be a fantastic change to this area. 

Our work is centered on the four areas of Prague, Liberec, Olomouc and Trebic by strengthening these areas we would be prepared for a second stake in the Brno side of the country.  So we are visiting each area on exchanges holding firesides and trying to get the missionaries excited for the work and get the areas pumping. Last week we saw the movie “Miracles” in Liberec with 10 new potential investigators, and this week in Olomouc we found 8 new investigators! We had a very spiritual fireside were we brainstormed finding ideas and things that can help the area grow. I shared a spiritual thought about visions and planning and Elder Paige talked about faith, then we had a testimony meeting. Next week we will have exchanges with some zone leaders, and then we will do it in the Trebic area the following week! 

My scripture from this week is Mosiah 13:11

“And now I read unto you the remainder of the commandments of God, for I perceive that they are not written in your hearts; I perceive that ye have studied and taught iniquity the most part of your lives.”

In reading the story of Abinadi this week, I came across the phrase "written in your hearts" and it struck me. Although, I would assume we generally keep the 10 commandments throughout our lives, the idea of it being written in your hearts came to me as being a little bit deeper. When it is written in our hearts, the thought of sin rarely is acted on. When it is written in our hearts, we never let "small misdeeds" slip by. When it is written in our hearts we become more like Christ. I love this thought, and I have considered the commandments and if all of them are written in my heart. This has helped me to know what I can improve to feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that if we write the commandments in our hearts, that we can be more conductive of the spirit and feel his love in abundance!

Mějte se hezký! 

S Láskou,
Starší Belshe

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