Monday, February 20, 2017

Senior Couple Presentation, Trainings, and Road Trip

Senior Couple Recruitment, Trainings, and Road Trips

So first things first, I wanted to explain the attached link that I have included in the email. We currently have the blessing of 6 senior couples in our mission. Four of which will be leaving in the next 5 months. We have seen such an amazing, needed help that our senior couples provide. They can bring a special love, connection, and experience for the members that younger missionaries can’t provide. They accomplish tasks that many younger missionaries cannot, and they also bring such a wonderful needed spirit for all of the young missionaries. We are looking to help those considering to serve a mission see the wonderful blessings and benefits of a mission. We would love if you would share this video with any individuals you would feel would like to serve a mission, or also to send it to those individuals that you know who would consider serving a mission. Please share this with people you know and encourage individuals to choose to serve a couples' mission. You are needed! b2ai3hnwo16r/AACbOztI4xkxzVcJt iozcsh6a?dl=0

As for this week, we had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) which was really good. We planned for training and talked about the needs of the mission. This week with Michal, we had a wonderful sacrament meeting with him, and when we were going to Sunday school we noticed he was gone. We thought maybe he had left, but noticed his bag was still by the front entrance so we just went to class. About an hour later I get pulled out of class by a member who has been teaching with us the majority of the time, she said Michal accepted a baptism date from her! He wants his goal to be baptized on March the 20th! It was a wonderful example of member missionary work, and it was great because she helped resolve concerns that Michal didn’t feel comfortable sharing personally with us. We are very excited for him.

We have spent a lot of time preparing for a couple of trainings and exchanges.
Our exchange this week was in Jihlava.  We had the same approach of doing a fireside at the end of the night after a day of really trying to jumpstart the area, and without fail, the Lord always provides a way. In one day, we were able to find 7 new investigators in an area that had struggled to find any for weeks. It was a very large faith booster for them.

Next week we are spending the entire week gone for trainings and helping missionaries move into new apartments. Lots of new areas being opened, others closed, and senior couples leaving. So we have converted the mission van into a moving service/ will be a great week!

My quote comes from Elder Christofferson's talk: Abide in my Love

To “continue in” or “abide in” the Savior’s love means to receive His grace and be perfected by it. To receive His grace, we must have faith in Jesus Christ and keep His commandments, including repenting of our sins, being baptized for the remission of sins, receiving the Holy Ghost, and continuing in the path of obedience.

I love this thought of abiding in the Savior's requires us to act! It is not something passive that comes to all that simply want it, but it is open to all that give their all to him and strive to repent and change a little bit each day. One of the ways I have been striving to repent is by saying my prayers out loud and really focus on following the spirit in my prayers. Elder Page, Michal, and I are on a challenge to pray out loud for 15 minutes a day for 30 days straight. So far I haven’t missed a day, and I have felt a stronger connection to Heavenly Father through my prayers. I know that taking action to abide in Christs love, we will find it.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Belshe

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