Monday, May 1, 2017

Experience in Slovakia

My entire mission I have served on the west side of the country where the Czechs are, or at least say they are, unbelieving. In Slovakia, it is the exact opposite. All of them claim a faith, and a church, but are very set in it, and not willing to change it. It was interesting getting to have an exchange in Banska Bystrica, the heart of Slovakia, and get to know the Slovak people a little bit better. I also got to be with Elder Bednar, the only Slovak elder from my MTC group. He is awesome! It was a fun exchange with lots of hard work and a successful day! We found, or more correctly he found us, but a young man around the age of 20 came up to us during the day and asked who we are and said he was looking for a church. (Miracles always happen on exchanges) They are meeting with him Sunday before church. I am very excited to see how it goes for him in the next little while! 

Then earlier in the week we had an exchange with the District Leader, Elder Swink, and then the missionaries serving in Bratislava came in for the day. That was also a really fun exchange! I enjoyed being with those missionaries! 

Friday, one of the really great YSA(young single adults) in the ward, Andres got married this week and we were able to attend the wedding! It was fantastic! They played Star Wars theme music! ..haha..that was probably the best part. BUT even better than that was when we saw Olda!  He is a recent convert who is now living in Brno, with Eva, a return missionary living in Zlin studying in Brno. I told him that it’s his turn next ;)…it was good to see and catch up with him!

Tonight there will be a baptism of one of the sisters' investigators from Mexico, her name is Quetzalli! She is fantastic! It will be fun to have another baptism here in Prague tonight. She is also making excited to be eating Mexician food in the Czech Republic👍

Another awesome week! Thanks for the emails of support! Love you all!

Elder Belshe 

p.s. So, flashback to Hradec Kralove! This is Mirek, the one that had a baptismal date for a while when I left to come here to be an Assistant, well he got baptized last weekend! This is his picture! He is such a stud, and I have been very blessed.

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