Monday, June 12, 2017

Baptism, New Bishopric, and Smoke Alarms

We had a miraculous week this week! Here are the stories I want to share:

1. The smoke alarm. Wednesday we had District Meeting in Jicin, and the Sisters called that morning telling us that their smoke alarm had been going off for no apparent reason. No fire, just maybe someone smoking in the floor below them, but once they turned it off the first time, it came back and sounded again. Every 9 minutes it would go off. So they brought it to Jicin and we tried to turn it off...but we also could not figure it out. So our solution?...wrap it in toilet paper, under a blanket, in a box, under the bed in our apartment Then the next day, the Scotts, (the office couple), came and brought them a new one.

2. Otakars baptism. Otakar is awesome! He was baptized this weekend, in a river just a little bit outside of Mlada Boleslav, and there was lots of member support and it was a great experience! In bearing his testimony in the end he said the joy and peace he felt as he was baptized was incredible. I played the cello for the special musical number. A member recorded it, I will get it and send it to you next week. Such an awesome day! The following day, a new bishopric was called, and a new member of the bishopric was able to confirm Otakar a member of the church.

Otakar was baptized in the river where he had a very spiritual experience even before he met the missionaries. He had a very strong spiritual impression to jump into the river, an impression that he had never felt so strongly before. So he jumped and then noticed a small kid drowning in the river, but he could not see very well because the water was dirty. He said a quick prayer, and was able to grab the boy and bring him out of the water saving his life. It was then that he knew there was a higher power. Soon after that, he met the sister missionaries in Mlada Boleslav. After a year on and off with the missionaries, he really changed his life and was baptized. A wonderful weekend!

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week! We are excited for an inactive family that we will be teaching. They have several kids that have not been baptized, and after a tragic experience they realized they need the gospel back in their lives. It has been wonderful to meet with them and remind them of the joy of the plan of salvation.

Have a great week!

Elder Belshe

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