Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Inspirational Nights

So, I hope I gave a good description of this before, but if not I will do it again. In the book, Power of Everyday Missionaries, there is a section that talks about "U-nites". When I was an assistant, we worked closely with President Pohorelicky, and a family in the Prague ward to start having “inspirational nights”. We had two baptisms just months after it started, and now my main focus has been to help start these evenings here and get them rolling and productive like we were had in Prague. After our second week, a member family has invited two Ukrainian men to come to church this week, an inactive part member family came that we are meeting with next week, and some of our investigators through our personal finding have really started to find some friendships. One of the Ukrainians, is a very solid evangelic believer, and he gave his testimony of Christ at the stand. Probably the best testimony of the meeting. He needs to be taught some more things, but they both have great potential.

Otakar is a boss. He is doing great. We are really excited for his baptism this week. He passed his baptismal interview, and had a really good discussion with the Czech Sealer (who lives in our ward) about enduring to the end. We are really excited for him!

Things are going well. This week, I’m giving a talk about member missionary work, and the plan is for two new families to be at church along with Otakars confirmation. We have been praying and have fasted for a miraculous turning point for the branch.

Have a great week!

Elder Belshe

1. Me standing next to Sister Jirku, she is pretty hilarious.
2. Pictures from our hike that we went on today, way pretty.
3. Fancy socks playing squash
4. Romantic dinner with our ward mission leader, Brother Tmej at the sunset...haha he is awesome!

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