Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Life of Prague

Life of a missionary is so much different here in Prague than it is in České Budějovice. A lot of the depth of your teaching pool depends on your ability to contact on Public Transportation which has been difficult for me, but since I have been forced to learn if I want to teach people I have gotten better at it! It is an interesting experience for sure. I am a very loud person (if you didn;t know ;)), and so when I walk up to random people and say hello in a culture where most people don't talk to strangers they sometimes are frightened...:) But it is ok, I get their attention at least! :) 

As for the missionary work we have been teaching a girl named Mia. She is a young woman age which would be awesome for the branch here which literally has only one young woman. Mia said that she will come to church though, so we are hoping they will become quick friends :) Also, our other investigator named Oldrich is a YSA male studying at Charles University.  He is a borec (stud). He meets with us, but he won't accept a baptismal date for now. He is willing to works towards it, but not a date. However, Elder Smith and Elder Terry had an awesome lesson while I was in the office and he wants to come to church on Sunday! I am excited for him! :) We met one cool girl named Amanda who wants to meet next week. She is from Madrid, Spain and is studying here in Prague as well. 

We do these cool singing displays where half of the district sings and the other half contacts to attract attention and it is cool. Sometimes people stop and we talk to them, but for most it opens the spirit into the contact. It has been a fun couple of weeks in Prague! With a big district and a huge city, you have to work really hard to talk to everyone. It has been quite a process adjusting, but I love it! 

This week was MLC, Mission Leadership Council, and I got to see a lot of the missionaries I have been serving around which was really fun. I was the errand boy and brought them all lunch, but it has been a fun experience to be on the inside and hear all the new info about the mission! ;) This week we went to the Prague Zoo, and it was SOO much fun! One of the best zoo's in the world! I have some pictures! :D 

This week instead of a scripture I have a quote: "There was for many years a sign on the wall of a shoe repair shop I patronized. It read, "I complained because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet. The most effective medicine for the sickness of self-pity is to lose oneself in the service of others." I love how losing myself in others has helped me to grow spiritually especially when something difficult that I don't want to do comes my way. Serving others blesses our lives more than those of whom we serve, and I am grateful for that promise! Have an awesome week! Thanks for all the emails, love, prayers, and concern! :) 

Elder Belshe 

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