Friday, January 29, 2016

Trio Life

So, this transfer has been a little bit different with a trio. I have to say that for me, it has been tough. All of us are completely different individuals! Elder Smith, a laidback chilled former skater and motor crosser. Also loves to snowboard and play the guitar. Has the typical white low riding truck that has stickers covering the back window and likes to go "riding" in his truck. Total hipster. Stud missionary, has absolutely no fear of anyone in talking to them coming from the background of being a salesman. I get along with him really well. He also loves to beatbox and is good at rapping. He has this really cool rap for "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam", for real though, he is awesome. Then there is Elder Terry, super quiet and humble guy,  hard for him to talk to people on the street, and is very quiet and reserved so sometimes people don't hear him when he says dobry den to them on the street :) He is a bit of chief of the group, so I have had to learn how to back down a little bit which on my mission, has been a lot better. I learned that lesson early, and it has applied well here. He also plays tennis, and wants to be a chemical engineer.

Things I have learned this week:
1) Whenever you are filling out important documents that need to be completely correct, photocopy it and fill out. Do all of your mistakes, double check it, have your companion check, have someone else check it. THEN fill out the important document. That way you don't have to waste time and make three trips to the foriegn police department (thankfully I did not procrastinate) :)
2) The power of ALWAYS finding: So in the office, it is especially important to ALWAYS be finding because if you don't you won't be teaching. That means when you go to the post office you talk to the lady behind the desk and strike up a conversation, or when you go out for Indian food (SOO good) you invite the waiter to come to FHE and this week our miracle was the waiter accepted an invitation to come to FHE! His name is Sanjay, super cool young YSA guy, and we are going to be meeting with him later this week :) 

Other miracles:
1) Oldrich- such a stud, is reading in the Book of Mormon and came to church on Sunday!! That was a huge step for him and he liked it a lot, had to leave a little early, but he came and sat with all the YSA's has lots of friends.
2) Mia- fallen in love with the Book of Mormon and has already read until 2 Nep 27 in a matter of 2 weeks! It has been awesome to see how she has come to love the Book of Mormon.
3) Amanda: her story is incredible. The girl that we met at a singing display in the center of PRague who is working here as a dental technican. SO nice, and just incredible how we found her. For some reason, I had lost her phone number in my phone, but thankfully, my companions reassured me that she would come, she was a super solid contact. We were praying that even though we couldn't call her to confirm the appointment and set a place to meet she would remember where the church building is, and 30 seconds later I got a call from her and she had said that she had been waiting in a different location for an HOUR! we felt SOO bad, but thankfully she was patient and we got a chance to go talk to meet her across town we had to run, and we were sweaty and out of breath but she accepted a baptism date that day for the 20th of Feburary! We are so excited for her, and she also like Oldrich has been coming to YSA activites and has made some friends and also loves the BOM after 3 days she is already in Jacob! 

After a first couple of slow weeks things picked up for us, and we have seen the miracles of hard work! Thanks for all the emails, love and concern, I appreciate it! Have an awesome week! :)

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