Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ahoj Vsichni! (Hello Everyone!)

CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!! If you haven't watched all of the sessions, watch them! :) It is true that each conference is more and more powerful each time. We had a great turnout from all of the recent converts, and reactivated members that we have been working with including David, Martin Sestak, Sestra Duchkova, Standa, and Honza Grega. Unfortunately, no investigators, but we are working diligently on improving that in our area. We found two new awesome people that have some great potential to progress in the gospel. One, named Jules, is a ballet dancer from England, and is in like every play know to man. He is super awesome and really hilarious. Then we have another named Miki, who is a Dad with two kids; both of which I already love so much. We are hoping for some progression from them in the coming week.

Our mission has been focusing on teaching repentance, and baptizing converts, so we have been learning to teach simply and not rush through to baptism. Our zone has been doing really well, and have a few solid people that are very close to baptism. President Pohorelicky and Sestra Pohorelicka are teaching us and its awesome because they themselves were converts to the gospel coming from Atheism. We have been learning a lot! But I think that is about it for this week...:)

Here is one of my favorite quotes given in conference by Elder Hales in the Saturday Morning Session: It is very simple "Love more, and suffer less!" When we forget ourselves in service to God through love for his children, we are find ourselves and are happier no matter the circumstance that we are in! Have an awesome week! Love you all! Remember to lift where you stand! :)

Starší Belshe 

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