Thursday, October 27, 2016

Birthday Wishes Come True

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes this week, it is much appreciated! :) 

This week was awesome with the work that has been happening in the zone! Things have been booming lately, and we are very proud zone leaders :) The only baptism we have had up to this point was David’s about a month and a half ago, but this week the first family baptism in the mission since the end of last year happened in Prague!! They are such a cool family, and fun fact, a referral from the same man that referred Zdenek Samec to me while I was in Cbud that later got baptized. His name is Jara Vojta,  a stud, and the true example of member missionary work! Love that guy! :) 

Then we have 2 other baptisms coming up this next week. One in Cbud with a great priesthood holder and another in Prague from the assistants! Then, during the week we had our interviews with President and during that time we went contacting. We wanted to be creative, so after brainstorming with the assistants, we decided to carry a couch a kilometer, (a little less than a mile) down the street from the church building and two other chairs with a table that had pamphlets and play music. Our goal was to find 15 new investigators in one day! Not an easy task. So yes, many people stopped and stared, especially the police, when we carried a couch all the way out to a metro stop a set up a fake living room. The goal was to begin a conversation and guide people to come and sit with you on the couch and have a lesson. As we rotated and contacted in this area that afternoon we saw miracles and between the 9 companionships in our zone, we hit exactly 15 new investigators at the end of the day!!!! :) It was definitely a miraculous day and a huge faith builder for our zone!

I also had an exchange with our awesome district leader Elder Chadwick, he knows how to work out in the morning, he runs fast….I don’t..:). But here is my traditional exchange selfie together!

My quote for the week comes from general conference:

"Believe not only in Him, but Believe Him!" 

Sorry, my notes are very short and to the point and maybe not exactly correct, but from this quote, we can learn a lot. Sometimes we believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ and the power it has unto salvation, but think that it works for everyone but us. When we truly believe and apply it in our own lives, joy can truly come into our own lives. We just have to really trust it enough to try! Have a great week! 

Elder Belshe 

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