Saturday, October 22, 2016

Building Wards and Branches

When President McConkie left for home at the end of his mission, he shared a thought about Jesus Christ which is called a Jesus Thought.  Yes I know, very original, but in this thought he shared the story of two men that were disappointed due to the loss of the Savior and are visited, unbeknowest to them, by the Savior himself. In this story the Savior spends time with these men, ask them questions to determine their needs, and expounds the scriptures to explain that he, the Savior, had truly been resurrected. Just as they recognize him as the Savior, he vanishes. That story stuck with me from the time I was in Prague until my time here in Plzen. By following the outline of the Savior with many less active families and individuals, we have seen the success that has come from helping them back to reactivity and help them begin on their path to spiritual self-sufficiency. Just like the Savior has done, our work as missionaries is much of bringing them to light, giving them all the tools that they need to sustain it and then leaving and praying for the best. As we have followed the pattern the Savior has set, we have been truly blessed. 

This week we saw the reactivation of part of the Duchkovi family, Radka and the twin daughters, who have started attended church regularly and received a call to be a teacher in the Primary. It has been amazing to see the transformation of the ward as they see old friends come back due to the rich blessings of Heavenly Father. 

We also have had a couple of (finally) progressing investigators Miki and Jules. I am excited for the progress that they are making even though they could not make it to church. We also found a couple of other investigators that we hope will be coming to lessons soon. Other than that, not a lot is going on, we are having interviews with President Pohorelicky this week which I am really excited for. It is always great to have one on one time with President Pohorelicky. He is such a great man, and a great example of a husband. 

That is probably all the updates I have for this week! By the way, conference (if you didn’t hear in my last letter) was awesome, so watch it, preferably all of it! 

Have a great week! :)

S Laskou,¨

Starší Belshe 

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