Wednesday, April 6, 2016


This week it has been ALL about Easter! Our goal (should we choose to accept it, which we did): Tell everyone that Christ has risen from the dead and that he is our Savior and Redeemer. It was really fun to have a lot of time to have finding! Unfortunately, that also meant that we were unable to meet with a lot of investigators. Viktor and Vera were overloaded with work, and sick so they could not make it to church. Also, Oldrich was out of town due to the fact that he is a host to a free science camp that he puts on for kids to learn Physics, not sure If I said this last week, but he is awesome! :) We talk about Calculus some times...haha only some times though :) This week Oldrich passed his baptismal interview! Yay!! Now all that is left is a couple of lessons followed by a interview with the branch president! Good stuff! This week fortunately he will be in Brno for church while he is visiting his grandmother, but the next two weeks for church he will be gone for this camp :(..however, once he gets back he will be all ready for his baptism! Looking forward to it so much!

Our district in Prague slowed down a bit this week due to the fact that so many people were sick, out of town for the holiday, or out of contact. Finding has been great, all of the companionships have been finding and teaching people on the streets; however, they have been not translating to progressing investigators, so in District Meeting we talked about these awesome things called Baptism Calendars that our mission has (not sure if other missions do), but they are great. They basically have a daily box to check to read and pray and another box to check for church each week! Then you can talk to them about what they need to do to be ready for baptism and write it in with them on the sheet. Ultimate way to set expectations! Then we had some district finding, and we faced some opposition in that! Opposition can be good though! It just means that blessings are around the corner! I had this awesome spot picked out for a singing display, unfortunately, stolen by other people selling stuff! Then when we wanted to have a chalk display and write #Aleluja everywhere in this park near the center I had no idea that across the street is a famous Dancing Hall, #tourists..but that is ok, it happens! :) Our English class that we teach, and the people that were here for game night and for family home evening loved the video! It has been a great thing going around asking people's opinions about Easter! It has also been great practice for Elder Cardon for contacting :) We also took a walk to the 2nd best view of Prague in a place called Petrin Hill, awesome view! 

Although it has been a slow week for us, my personal testimony of the Savior has truly grown as I have remembered that truly I can have a new start, thanks to his sacrifice for me. Rather than a scripture this week I want to bear my true witness that Christ lives. I know he does. As I testify to everyone that we meet here in Prague that feeling of truth confirms to me, and to those we meet that he truly does live. He died for us, and on the third day, he rose from the grave. The grave hath no victory, because of him, and death hath no sting, because of him. If you have ever wondered if he truly did sacrifice himself for us, then I encourage you, challenge you to test. Pray to God, in his name sincerely looking for an answer, and it will come. I can promise you that. If you have not had a chance watch the video on promoted for easter, it is right on the front page, can't miss it! Love you all! Have a great week! #Aleluja

Elder Belshe 

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