Saturday, April 16, 2016

Conference, Conference, Conference

It has been quite the week as it normally is here in Prague. From the great training we had last week on finding we have tried to apply the finding calendar into our every day work and avoid "getting into a rut", so we created a Survey rather than our normal street contacting and asked people about prophets. Overall our district found 3 new investigators from it! That was a huge success this week. Then I had another exchange this week with the Pankrac Elders, I had one with Elder Beazer who is in the transfer below me. It was great! We tried to focus on the importance of testifying often to focus on bringing the spirit into our contacting. Then following that I had them conduct part of the training during district meeting teaching on how to give commitments focusing on the importance of testifying frequently. Hopefully that will help them in the last half of this transfer! This week was the Mission Leadership Conference and in being in the adjoining room on the computer I heard all the juicy details about our next training in April, it will be good ;) President tends to get very loud when he gets excited! :) Amanda also came to church this week which was a huge relief! She is doing really well, she has been sick and got a new phone for her new job! Glad to see that she was doing so well! :) 

We focused solely on getting everyone to conference, everyone we contacted we at the very least if they did not have interest invited them to conference, we called members, and we talked to all of our investigators, recent converts, and less actives about how to be spiritually prepared for conference by preparing 3 questions that you want answered! I am excited to see next week how it has gone for us, and for this challenge for the rest of the district! Sorry I do not have as much time to email today! With conference being on our Pday our emailing is a little bit messed up, split into two parts! I will be on later, I have to email President but if I am back on I will make sure to email you! Love you much! Have an awesome week! Sorry, I will give two quotes next week! I do not have time this morning! Have a great week!

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