Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016

This week has been a crazy week! Sorry I do not have much time to email today due to the fact that we had a service project that ran super long! There was a Czech wide service project that I signed my district up for, and then we came back together to have a halusky feast! It was called Service Saturday -  a nationwide service project to pick up trash. Such a great experience! Our hope is that as others drove by and saw us, their view of us is in a brighter light!
The greatest part of this week: Oldrich's baptism! He got baptized this week! He is such an incredible man, and just found so much happiness in his baptism! I would love to send pictures, but on my computer is not accepting USB ports at all, so I will have to send them next week sorry!
Finding is the same, we are just turning up new names, and then nobodycomes.  Viktor and Vera did make it to conference! Huge miracle! :) I absolutely love them so much! They are doing ok, but are very stressed about work. Still haven’t had many meetings with them, but the meeting that we did have with them was one of the most favorite I ever had. It was rather emotional for them as we talked about baptism. They desire it so much, but marriage is just hard for them. I think to end the transfer we are going to fast for them, so that they can resolve this issue.
 Also sorry for others that sent me emails last week, I promise I have them and I will read them and respond next week!
Sorry I do not have much time for anything else!
Conference was awesome! Elder Holland's and Elder Bednar's talks were the best! :D Have a great week! See you next week!

Elder Belshe

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