Monday, May 16, 2016

Lift Where You Stand

So, this entire week we were basically in Prague. We were only in Plzen this week for a day and a half. It has been one of the fastest craziest weeks for me ever on my mission. This week to begin we had a P-day, then we went to Prague and had exchanges with the new district leader, Elder Beazer. He is doing great work there! It was a fun exchange. I was with his companion Elder Trythall and the both of us focused on how to improving asking questions. Using Preach My Gospel, we talked about how asking questions should help people think about deeply and apply what we are teaching.  We avoided yes or no questions as much as possible! It was good and I know I learned a lot! He is a stud! Speaks Czech so much better than I did my 2nd transfer, it is impressive! :) Then we stayed there the night for my first Mission Leadership Council where we discussed the needs of our zone and our mission in general, and we planned for trainings. We are given the topic to train on how to help people come to church. Should be awesome! :) Then we came back for an online missionary work training...I think we are getting Ipads soon..stay tuned :) After spending the night Thursday in Plzen scrambling to meet with all our investigators and prepare them for conference. Then Saturday we went back and were ushers for the FIRST ANNUAL STAKE CONFERENCE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC!! It was SOOOO cool!! Yes, I did usher President Utchdorf into the building, but no unfortunately I did not shake his hand :/, but it was such an incredible spirit filled meeting! He did give me a personal "Take care Elder" on his way out! :)  Here are the details:

In a stake there is a president, who is now Martin Pilka, a man in Prague that is incredible and has an amazing testimony!  I totally called it, along with all the other missionaries ;) Then they call a Patriarch who gives special blessings for people. He is Bratr Canek, another very special member in the branch . (also totally called it :) Then he calls his counselors and they organize branches into wards. The new wards are Prague, Plzen, Hradec Kralove, Jicin, Ostrava, and Brno! Others will remain as branches. There was such an incredible spirit! Such a special feeling when the name of the new Stake President was called. It was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have had in my mission. What a day for President McConkie as well. He could not hold his emotions back as he conducted and for a man that has spent so much of his life here and has seen it grow. Amazing day! If you have any other questions please ask me! But due to lack of time I will go onto what President Utchdorf talked about:

He said one thing mainly to the Czechs, which applies to all of us "Lift where you stand". In all our situations we all have some important calling to fufill, someone important to bless, and something important to learn. As we strengthen ourselves and others around us we build stakes of Zion. I hope that we as missionaries and as members can apply that as well. As we lift where we stand, then we will be successful, strong, and on the correct path to God.

 I love this work! I love the Czech Republic! And I love all of you! Have a great week! Remember to lift where you stand this week in all that you do!

Elder Belshe

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