Monday, May 9, 2016

The Miracle of Baptism

TThere have been so many great reliefs this week in the office for me! I have FINALLY resolved all the issues that were surrounding visa work! That was WONDERFUL! Then we also finally were able to have a lesson with Viktor and Vera this week when we visited them over at their work! Definitely need to continue with that! We had a great week at church with 2 less actives in attendance, Viktor and Vera, and both of our recent converts! That was a really good week for us! It has come down now to the point that if they get married, they will be baptized! It has been incredible to see their progression, and everything that they have done to get to this point. Also in other great news, I do not remember if any of you remember Vojtech, one of the first people that became an investigator for me in C-BUD, but he is getting baptized on the 7th of May in C-Bud! Way too awesome! I am hoping that wherever I am transfered, if I am transfered (yes, and transfers are this week) I will be close enough to attend! 

Some of the best memories I have on my mission are when I've seen the light and joy in someone's life increase based on their decision to follow Jesus Christ through baptism.  This week we had an amazing training, my most favorite that has been given thus far, about what it means and how to do it. We talked about working with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, how to explain the doctrine of baptism and also what our true potential is! It was such a great meeting! It was sad to hear departing testimonies with even more of the missionaries that I have been really close with the last few months, but it is fun to see the growth of all the younger missionaries that are around us as well! President gave an incredible last thought that made me bawl like a baby when he talked about the history of the Czech people, the history of the church and how hard they have worked to have what they have now. Then he announced that on May 14th and May 15th, several General Authorities and area seventy will be in attendance to hold a quote on quote "monumental ceremony for the people of the Czech Republic" now I have been forbidden to use certain words; however, it is INCREDIBLY LIKELY that will have its' first... (homonym of something that is very juicy and delicious to eat). It is an amazing time to be a Czech missionary! Now it will be our job to keep the good work going! Have an amazing week everyone! 

Love you all!

Elder Belshe

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