Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pink Short Shorts, Training, and the Plzen Knedliky Challenge

Lots of stuff happening this week.

So, because Sister McConkie is the best, she gave us a referral for someone that lives in a small village outside of Plzen. She said that a tourist family had visited and wanted a Book of Mormon so we went to find him. The first thing that happens... we pull up and this man comes out.  He is about 85 and comes out with no shirt and these tiny pink short shorts and says "Caů kluci!!"..or "hey boys". It took everything.. and I mean everything in my power not to laugh my head off and maintain an attitude of a representative of Christ. Then he lead us inside and put on a shirt thankfully...and he talked to us about how he is the leader of the Wallakan Kingdom. I have no idea who this guy is..but I kid you not, he had about 80 hats, confederate hats, kid hats, baseball hats..he was a very interesting guy..and probably the highlight of the week :)

Then later this week, we visited this old member whose name is Sister Kamencová.  She has been a member for so many years. Every transfer she cooks for the missionaries these amazingly good "knedliky" (dumplings) The fruit kind with lots of butter, oil, all the healthy stuff..so here comes the challenge. She cooks 85 of these large stuffed apple dumplings and there are 6 missionaries and you have to eat them all, and you get 2 at a time while she cooks others...by about the 6th you are still enjoying yourself and these amazing knedliky. Then by about 10 you're stuffed beyond belief and you just want it to end, then you hear in the background this nice, kind old lady say " Bratře, pojďte. (Come brethren). At that point the food is bitter and one of the other missionaries is throwing up..not good. I survived. I did not throw up, but I can say that our district conquered the knedliky challenge. For what that is worth :)

Then the important spiritual stuff is we had training this week and as always it was such an incredible spiritual meeting. Because this is the second to last training the McConkies will be giving, they also participated and it was REALLY good. Such a spiritual event talking about how the spirit works, and how each of us individually can recognize it. Then the importance of your relationship with your companion, which is super easy for me since I have an awesome companion. I am learning a lot from him! We gave our training about church attendance and people liked it, and we are hoping that it helps them get more investigators to come to church. It is really sad to think that in 4 weeks the McConkies will be leaving, but the nice part is the first ever Czech Mission President will be replacing him. The epitome of bittersweet! 

So many amazing things are happening here in Plzen! From Toderas baptism, to Martin Sestak's reactivation this week when he received the Aaronic Priesthood. He will now bless the sacrament this upcoming Sunday. With the new stake, things are going at rapid pace! This is truly the Lords work.

I wanted to share today, Jacob 4:6 which discusses the purpose of prophets in todays world and how their teachings can provide us with an anchor of truth with faith that can move mountains, that even the very trees obey us. How grateful I am for a latter day prophet who leads and guides the true church of God on earth today. I know that Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God and that he leads this true church under Gods authority. Have an amazing week! 

Remember to lift where you stand!!

Elder Belshe

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