Monday, May 9, 2016

Where is Hell?

Ok, so the title is really funny story, but for now..I have other news. So I can officially say without any reprimands that THE CZECH REPUBLIC IS FORMING ITS FIRST STAKE HERE ON SUNDAY MAY 15TH AND PRESIDENT UTCHDORF IS GOING TO CONDUCT A NATIONWIDE SESSION FOR US TO WITNESS THE TRANSFORMATION!!!!! If you do not believe that I am excited..then you can just ask my parents about skyping yesterday :) 

So other than that, the rest of my news will be really lame compared to the fact that historic things are happening sorry to disappoint you :) But in other news, I have been transferred to Plzen and I have become a zone leader! It has been a very interesting adjustment getting used to not having to worry about office work, or training, or being a district leader..but I really have enjoyed our first week here. I am with Elder Breyman, he is a stud from Texas, around San Antonio, who has been on his mission a little over 6 more months than I have. He has served in Uherske, Hradiste, Prague, Ostrava, and now in Plzen. No, unfortunately he does not have a Texas accent..that was kind of a bummer :)..but he is really good at finding new investigators! I have a lot to learn from him! We have a few people close to reactivation and to baptism in our area. Martin Sestak, an older man is about to be what is called "reactivated".  It is when someone that has not come to church in a while begins to regularly attend church again and accepts a calling or a job in the church. He should be reactivated in the next 2 weeks. Also we have this AWESOME Romanian named Tonderas that was found last transfer by Elder Breyman. He speaks little English, and speaks no Czech, so teaching him has been interesting. Mostly we have been teaching him with his Romanian friend over the phone who will soon be coming to the Czech Republic (he is in the bishopric in Romania). Awesome stuff. He should be baptized either the 20th or the 28th of this month. 

As a zone leader, we help train district leaders, conduct exchanges with missionaries within the zone as needed, and at least one with district leaders. We also participate in the Mission Leadership Council once a month in which we determine the needs of the mission and what we will give for training for the zone. It is definitely a lighter load than I had last transfer, so we have been able to get a lot more done as far as missionary work goes. It has really shown this week which has been interesting for me to see. Next week we will be in Prague for the MLC and an exchange with the new Prague District leader. 

As for the title, this week we helped in what is called American Day here in Plzen, or the day of liberation of the Czech Republic from the Nazis.  So they had lots of little activities for kids we got to help with, so that was really fun. The center for information for all the people volunteering was called peklo, or in English, "hell". So, because I was on splits with another missionary who is new to the area we had no idea where we were going and we spent an hour asking people where hell is...never thought I would do that on my mission :)

Missionary work is awesome! I love it! Keep coming unto Christ, it brings ultimate happiness. Sorry no scripture this week...I honestly forgot. I will repent and do better next week :) Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Belshe 

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