Monday, August 24, 2015

A Humbling Week - Week 4

By the end of your fourth week at the MTC you think that you know it all! You find the shower that doesn't give you third degree burns when someone flushes the toilet and has decent water pressure, you know which sink actually works, and you know your way around campus enough to host some missionaries on their first day. But then you just realize that you're not as smart as you think you are because you get two ties stained in soup (not one, but two), you lose your awesome MTC water bottle that you bought, find it, and then lose it again for good, you break part of the bed in your residence, and finally you still always hit your knee on the pole that sticks out under the computer in the lab that just helps you to remind you that you're alive. However, other than all that happened in one week it's been a good week! We had what's called TRC, I don;t know if i have explaiined what that is before, but you give a lesson to a member and we talked about the role of the holy ghost in conversion which went really well! Also, in 2 weeks we will be skyping with actual members from the area. We had a Sunday night devotional that talked about the importance of compaion study and we practiced it on the topic of repentance which was awesome. As far as the langauge goes we had our first LSA which is a Language Speaking Assessment which gave us an idea of where we should be at in order to be at a "functional level" by the time we leave the MTC! I am right at the average point according to my score which is awesome, but my companion is ahead of me! Which kind of just drives me to want to beat him more! Our district is doing well, and I have had some leadership training classes which have taught about the difference between ministering and administering as a leader and which one was more important. Learning to love and serve those you lead rather than rule with an iron fist by following the example of Christ! Which was great! Finally we had a devotional last night given by a Emeritus General Authority, can't rememeber his name sorry :/, who talked about the 10 keys to a happy succesful missionary life based around forgetting yourself, working hard, and applying the principles of commitments you give to investigators in your life during and after your mission! It was a really good week! Thanks for all the love and concern and letters! I'm loving the mission life. My quote for this week is from the scriptures Alma 27:18  Now was not this exceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness. I hope that we all, like Alma, can find the truth and joy and happiness in serving others!

Elder Belshe

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