Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 3 MTC Letter

This week went really well! We had President Packer's funeral, and there
were some touching remarks given about his life and all he did in his life
of service. All the speakers talked about him being a master teacher and a
man that followed the true example of Christ. Such an inspiring meeting
even though it was in a funeral. So glad to have the knowledge and
testimony of the plan of salvation. Lessons had been pretty difficult with
the language to this point, but it's finally starting to become easier and
directed by the Spirit. This was our first week of TRC, which is basically
a home teaching lesson given to a member family. SO volutneers, mostly RMs,
that attended our mission come and we teach them a lesson that was
specified to us beforehand. We shared a lesson about enduring to the end
and it was a really amazing lesson, lots of spirit and heartfelt
testimonies given during it. Sunday evening we had a devotional given by an
administrative assitant here at the MTC and he talked about each chapter of
Preach my Gospel, which is definitely an inspired book. Loving it as I've
made the goal to read through it all again before I head into the field.
The weeks seem to fly by here at this point, I can't believe it's already
P-Day again. As far as the language goes we are still learning about what
are called cases, which change the ending of a noun depending on the action
it's performing. It's pretty difficult, but our district seems to be doing
really well. We are starting to get into a groove and working well
together. I was made the District Leader this week and I willl serve in the
calling for the next 3 weeks which will be a really great experience to
learn some leadership. Tuesday night's devotional by Elder Banks, a former
GA just barely released, talked about the importance of using the spirit in
our teaching. Not settlingly for medicority and pushing yourself to be the
best missionary that you can be. So I have attached some pictures here, but
they need some explanation. One is of this really cool mission shirt that
they sell here at the MTC (I will admit I was completely and utterly wrong
mom, everyone wears their mission shirts here), so I bought one to match
the rest of my district, but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet because
I needed to wash it since it was kind of like wearing a dress...probably
not MTC appropriate :)...I took a picture by the 2M building which is named
after my Great Great Great Grandfather who helped settle some parts of
Arizona in the Saints trek west, yea, he's pretty awesome! And I'm named
after him :D. Our district also finally was able to attend the Temple this
morning which was quite an amazing experience. I love being able to attend
the temple and have missed it since we haven't been able to go everyday
like I was before I came. Thanks for all the emails, love, and support! I
appreciate all that have written me! There is a quote in 2nd Nephi that I
would like to share which says that "He (Satan) will lull them into a false
sense of carnal security), don't allow the adversary to lull us into a
sense of mediocity! I am going to try to end all my emails with a short
thought, I hope that everyone is ok with that! Loving the missionary life!

Elder Belshe

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