Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 2 in the MTC

Well it was another fun filled week at the MTC! Lots of fun stuff happened!
Lots and lots of classes that have been drowning us in Czech, but we have
finally been able to give the first discussion without any notes or
anything to our investigators! Also ends up our first investigator Ales is
actually our teacher Brother Knapp and he is really great! He is really
blessed with the language. He was an office elder and the AP for a while in
the field! He has been helping us a lot with the pronunciation and wording
and grammar! Also both of our female teachers Sister Roubicek and Sister
Donaldson, both with family ties in the Czech Republic where they both
served got married this week! Crazy stuff, so the sisters convinced them to
have us watch their engagement videos (I think that's what it called, but
don't judge me for my lack of knowledge in this field of study). We had a
lot of extra devotional this week with fast sunday and the 4th of July
which was pretty fun. We had an awesome devotional given by a branch
president who talked about leaning about the faith of our ancestors and
gave a cool story about the people that signed the Declaration appearing to
Wilford Woodroof! A lot of them had their work done which was a cool story!
ALso we had a mission presidency devo where all the presidency and their
wives talked about losing yourselves in the work, doing all you can, and
then relying on the Savior's atonement for the rest! Then Sunday night we
had a devotional given by Elder Oaks daughter, Jenny Oaks Baker. SHe is a
world renowned violin player and it was incredible! Sorry, I'm going to be
a little bit of a music nerd here for a second! She did double stops to
play both th 1st and 2nd violoin parts of amazing grace. I dont even know
how it was possible, but it was incredible and I was blown away! Also, here
9 year old daughter plays the cello and she could put me to shame! Im
thinking the HIghland Orchestras should recruit her! Anyway, it was
awesome! But the final devo of the week given by the GA Elder Condie was
definitely the capper of the week! He gave an incredible talk about the
converting power of the 1st vision and how we cannot let that even become
an even that we do not hold sacred. Awesome, Awesome devos! Language is
coming, slowly but surely! Loving it here! Thanks again for all of those
that have sent me letters! Love all of you!

Elder Belshe

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