Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 5

So, this week was another awesome week! I have a couple funny stories to
begin with. One of them needs a little background. We are teaching an
investigator about Joseph Smith and the word for grove of trees on the
online learning center is haj, however, in modern terms this is a very
nasty derogatory word for hell. So when you are telling the story of Joseph
Smith, word of advice, don't use that word because your investigator
becomes really concerned and wonders why someone would go to hell to pray
about which church is true. Just for future reference the correct word,
forest, is les. So I won't make that mistake again :). The second was one
by my companion oba means both where as obed means lunch. We were
discussing to the same investigator about the importance of both the bible
and the book of mormon and rather than say how both are really important to
our salvation we said that lunch is really important to our salvation. I'm
pretty sure this investigator just invites us over for entertainment
purposes. However, in compairson to last week I haven't lost anything and I
didn't even stain a tie so I would call it a success. Also, on Sunday we
were able to watch a film about the life of Thomas S. Monson that really
stood out to me and was really interesting (this was last week, but i think
i forgot to mention it). As far as the gospel learning for this week I
accomplished my goal of rereading PMG before I leave the MTC and it's such
a great tool for missionary work, I love being able to use it to learn how
to effectviely teach and testify as a missionary. The phrase "becoming a
preach my gospel missionary" has a really important meaning to me now.
Also, this week we had both the worst and best lessons I have had so far at
the MTC. I've learned a lot for both of them, and we are about to commit
our first "investigator" to baptism :). The language learning has been a
lot of grammar and one on one coaching for specific topics that we don't
quite understand. After the next two weeks we will be done with new lessons
and the last two weeks I'm here will be all coaching and practice. I have
three goals before I leave the MTC 1. Understand what it means to be a
preach my gospel missionary 2. Reach a "functional" level of the language
which is measured based on the assessment scores 3. Learn how to best plan
and set goals. Which when it is done right I have learned that it is really
hard to accomplish, but my companion and I are learning how to do it
correctly. My companion and I are also learning how important it is to
always listen to our investigators! So important to know that you love and
care about them! As for the devotionals this week we had another Emeritus
General Authority speak to us about the importance of prayer in coming
understand how the Holy Ghost speaks to us which was amazing. And then we
had the same guy, head of department over Missionary Work, from our first
week give a devotional as well Elder Allen. He's really funny, but his
messages were exactly the same and what I would call a "pump up, you can do
this" type devotional. Both were great. Additonally, we learned a Czech
Nursery Rhyme which I think is rather hilarious! This is the rhyme!

Mama mi dala korunu
Aby koupil rybu
Ja Namísto ryby ryby
Koupil jsem vyrubu
So děla ryba
O castem hyba
Proč? Proč?
Protoze ja ryba ryba

Mom gave me money
So that I could by a fish
When I went to buy the fish
instead i bought a whale
Why? Why?
Because it is a fish fish

It's total nonsense but I love it!! As for my scripture for the day I want
to give my testimony in Czech! Translate it! No promises that my grammar is
exactly correct!

Já vím že el církev Ježíše Krista je pravida. Já vím že Joseph Smith byl
prorok a skrze jeho můzeme získat zjevení skrze Knihu Mormonovu. Já vím že
Ježíš Kristus je náš Spasitel a vykupitel. Buh miluje náš a Já vím že on je
náš Milujici Otec.

Love all of you! Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Belshe

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