Monday, August 24, 2015

Go Get 'Em - Week 6

So, this week was probably my favorite since being in the MTC. A little bit of struggles early in the week with teaching simply, but we were able to pull through and both of our investigators have baptismal dates coming up by the time we leave the MTC. This Sunday was fast Sunday which means that the MTC presidency speaks to us and the topic for this week was Exact Obedience. Lots of great words were said , but the ones that stood out to me the most were having "faith in every footstep" and we show that faith through our obedience. Then we had a devotional given by a famous church speaker Sheri Drew who gave an absoltely incredib;le talk about receving revelation for ourselves and our investigators and that we are obligated to receive it in their behalf. Then that night we had another little movie devotional about a talk Elder Bednar gave in 2004 just after being called as an apostle! Another absolutely incredible talk about the 3 ways to become a missionary which applies to the rest of your life which were 1. Becoming a missionary, dont go on a mission which basically means being here and working here are two different things 2. Success is a gift from the Lord so we must be patient when we feel that others are not accepting our message. 3. Missionaries must earn the trust and repect of the members if they want referrals (members give missionaries investigators). Then highlight of the week, President Nelson came and spoke to us on Tuesday night which talked about the goal we want for our investigators which isn't just baptism, but it's the lasting conversion that comes from temple attendace. One quote that I loved "We want all to experience the joy of an eternal homecoming with our Father in Heaven", so that's the goal. Our mission is really really close to a stake which would be the first stake in the country and we will be the ones, hopefully, to open it up. If anything all these devotionals have me fired up to go out and serve. One thing I was nervous for TRC skyping with a member in the Czech Republic which happened just yesterday. And it actually turned out really fun we talked to a girl named Gabby who was a Boston Red Sox fan who lives in Pilsen (they love americans) and I actually understand a majority of what she said even over skype, which can definitely be weird at times. As for the language it's coming along faster than it has in my entire stay we are going to get flight plans next week, and it's coming faster and faster by the minute. Gotta love the mission life. My quote for the week is from Sunday morning devotional given by President Burgess "The specific challenge you may think is impossible may be the very refinement in the furnance you need" Remember that the Lord will not give us a challenge that we can't handle! Love you all! Thanks for the support!

Elder Belshe

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