Monday, August 24, 2015

MTC Last Week

So, this week has been a little bit different than most other weeks, and we
also made some history at the MTC. This week we had the Nashville Tribute
Band, a group of RMs that sing, dance, and do music based on some of the
gospel principles. I would highly recommend checking them out. It was the
first time ever for some sort of concert like that to happen at the MTC. It
was quite a show, they did songs based on the Joseph Smith Story, Christ in
his early ministry, and mission work ( my favorite one). Defininetly
intersting for it to happen at the MTC! They are quite talented players! I
got to meet them all and shake their hands (cause Im just super awesome and
happened to run into them ;)) Got to talk about mission life and they are
really nice guys! LSA's came back last friday and I improved so that's a
plus! But because I felt like I was behind in some aspects of the language
mainly with cases I kind of killed myself studying this week, taking break
time to memorize case endings, and managed to get myself that
wasnt very smart. Lesson learned: They give you breaks for a reason :)
However, other than a little cold I am doing great! Thanks for all who have
written me this week giving me encouragement before I head into the field!
I really appreciate it! :) Also, we had our last GA devoitional given by
Elder Echo Hawk who talked about the blessings of exact obedience (if there
is anything I have really learned here is that exact obedience is REALLY
important). Cool story about him his last name comes from his grandfather
who was given that name because "Echo Hawk" means continual acts of service
or something very similar to that :) He gave a great talk! :) Then this
Wednesday Elder Stacey and I were chosen from our zone to participate in
the training for the elders that came in on Wednesday on "How to Begin
Teaching" where I saw Elder Hendrix! That was fun to see him! :) Now I dont
have any funny language mistakes this week, but both my companion and I
during this training managed to forget the investigators name BOTH times
were asked to do it. That was embarassing, but the training went well. We
were meant to show an example of how to Begin Teaching and other than
mistake mentioned above, it went well..:) Oh, and FLIGHT PLANS ARRIVED!!!
:D I will attach a picture of the flight information! Seven hour layover in
Chicago is kind of rough, but all of us received our visas and are heading
out Monday morning at 2:30 am. In adnvance, sorry my picture is of a guys
flight plans in my district I took a picture of his right away so I
wouldn't forget to, but all of the information is the same except for the
name at the top. Sorry for the lack of pictures, there's only so many
exciting things that I can attach from the MTC..:) This is the last week
here at the MTC and I am very very very (did I mention very) excited to go
out and do the Lord's work! :) My quote comes from Elder Echo Hawk's talk
this week: "We need only make one decision, and that's to be a disciple of
Christ, When we choose that we cannot falter" My missionary invitation for
the week is to make that decision! Love all of you! Thanks for the great
letters! Next time you will hear from me I will be in the Czech
Republic(not this monday but the following if I serve outside of Prague,
and not this Saturday but the following If i serve in Prague)! Lots of
pictures to come!

Elder Belshe

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