Monday, August 24, 2015

The Last Stretch - Week 7

This last week has been moving pretty slow because all of us are ready to
get into the field. Our flight plans are supposed to come in tonight, so I
am going to leave about 5 minutes tonight to email about what happens. We
had two really good devotionals, one was given an adminstrative assistant
at the MTC named Richard L. Heaton who gave a great talk about the keys to
conversion for investigators including Book of Mormon, Church attendance,
and prayer in which he focused on church attendance. It went really well
and we learned the right way to extend commitments and the importance of
church in our conversion process. Tuesday we had a devotional given by a
member of the Seventy C. Scott Grow which was probably one of my favorite
devotionals given at the MTC and it was about giving your whole heart,
might, mind, and strength to the mission and which each aspect includes.
Really helpful and inspiring! This week we had a bunch of lessons with 2
investigators which are our teachers and we have been helping them become
prepared for baptism, and they play really good investigators and it has
been really helpful in practicing teaching skills. As far as the language
goes we were able to take our last LSA which was an hour long, and really
stressful and tiring, but we will see if i improved from the last one. A
couple of funny stories from the week, one was during TRC which is
discussions with members in the Czech Republic through skype. Which, side
note, is an awesome way for us to practice interpreting what the actual
language is like although it is probably much more difficult over skype
than actually in person which connection cutting and things like that. Back
to the story, so in the dictionary I was given the word for fun is legrace,
but apprently thats an old intrepretation of the word, and it now means a
really really big joke. So, during my lesson at the end I managed to say
"Well I just feel that my mission is a really big joke" and the members
laughed at me for a solid two minutes and I was embarrassed. I have now
picked up the nickname legrace with the other elders. Secondly there is a
really awesome word that we learned which means the most round marble like
figure and it is nejkulikaťoulinkatější. It's been a great week here! Love
to learn and feel the spirit. One P-day left before I make it into the
field. Really excited! Quote of the Day: "We are all pioneers in our own
sphere and circumstance" this was given a couple weeks ago by President
Burgess and I love how applicable it is to us today. Though we dont face
the same trials our ancestors did, we face some of the hardest days and
most sinful era ever in this generation. Satan works on us harder now than
ever before, be patient in the affliction and live like our ancestor
pioneers did in their trials we can survive through the difficulty! Thanks
for the love and support!

Elder Belshe

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